Farmers Market

Picture yourself on a gorgeous Sunday morning, strolling through a luscious farmers market. This fresh and natural fragrance has note of garden fresh tomato leaf, bergamot, and citrus.

Candle Care

  • 9 oz Hand Poured Candle
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Recycleable + Reusable Vessel
  • Premium Clean Fragrance Oils
  • Contains Essential Oils
  • 50+ Hour Burn Time
  • Natural Wooden Cross Wick
Trim your wick in-between EVERY use. This is important to avoid any issues, sooting, and 'mushrooming'. Please make sure to look at the bottom of your candle for safety instructions. :)

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Customer Reviews

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Jan Johnston
summer garden in a can

I am a gardener and I love the fresh but not overpowering scent of the farmers market candle because it reminds me of picking fresh tomatoes in my garden. It is not a floral scent but one of fresh earth and green leaves.